The Kitchen Speaks™

Director: Aaron Sorenson
Client: The Cheesecake Factory
Pereira & O’Dell

The Cheesecake Factory introduces “The Kitchen Speaks”, a 7-part animated series featuring an all-star cast of kitchen tools that will allow the casual dining restaurant to tell its “Made Fresh” story from the perspective of the kitchen tools. 

The Kitchen Speaks cast of characters include: 

•  “Whisk” – twirly, dizzy and upbeat
•  “Board” – cutting board astounded with the quantity of chopping of fresh ingredients
•  “Pan” – frazzled from sautéed to fried to searing
•  “Bowl” – mellow and likes parties
•  “Knife” – sharp wit, cuts to the chase
•  “Grater” – a shredder, a newbie

Watch all seven spots from the campaign