Welcome to Portland.

First things first – Our City of Roses is only slightly like she's portrayed in Portlandia. Yes, we have a large number of food carts, a bounty of whiskey/beer/wine/coffee makers and racks full of bicycle fanatics, but there are hidden gems just beyond the stereotypes. 

If you're visiting Portland for the first time or are one of our frequent friends, escape the editorial suites and explore. We'll try to help.



Getting around the city is easy and safe. From bike lanes to MAX lines, you can explore without a car. 

Public Transportation:
Trimet - The entire Metro area is covered by bus, MAX and street car lines. Download the app to find schedules and buy tickets. Unlimited travel for 2.5 hours costs $2.50 and a 30-pass is $100. 

Your best bet - The Portland Street Car, which stops about 10 short blocks from the studio and connects you to downtown. 

The MAX is the best way to get to and from the airport and to the suburbs.


Imperial - If you're staying at the Lucia Hotel, this place is on the ground level and you're lucky.

Bamboo Sushi: Every piece of fish is sustainably sourced and delicious, so you can eat like a shark with a crystal clear conscience. Hate fish? The burgers are worth the trip alone. Save room for ice cream – famed Salt & Straw is next door.


The everything edible guide - Gluten-free joints to vegan havens to brunch lines to happy hours - brought to you by Travel Portland. 

Close to the studio - have a little time to kill while awaiting client feedback or renders, why not try a close-by snack?

Food Carts Guide
Close to the studio: East of the studio on Quimby and NW 19th Avenues is a pod of carts. You'll find everything from tacos to barbecue.

Portland neighborhoods - Impress the locals with your PDX knowledge. 





This a Voodoo Doughnut. Sure they are popular, but ask us where to find the really good doughnuts. 

This a Voodoo Doughnut. Sure they are popular, but ask us where to find the really good doughnuts.