By Alise Munson Portland isn't really known as being a sports city.  Sure we have Nike and adidas, but we don't have a professional football team or NHL hockey.  We used to have a fancy AAA baseball team, but it moved away after the team lost money.  The Timbers are great, but it's soccer...

Our one big sports hope hangs on the jerseys of one of the NBA's most overlooked teams -The Portland Trail Blazers.

Not since the year 2000 has this plagued home team made it past the first round of The Finals.  The hearts of fans have ached for a return to 1977 and a trophy – proof that we can play with the big boys in LA, Chicago, Miami or OK City.

This year, we made it past the first round and into the semi-finals of the NBA Western Conference Championship.  We made it. WE MADE IT!

To celebrate, LAIKAn Alex Webster brought in a few of his favorite pieces of fan gear. We grabbed a camera and Director Mike Wellins to create this... our pixelated salute to The Portland Trail Blazers.

Go Blazers! from LAIKA/house on Vimeo.

Here is a list of pieces what you saw in the video - all from Alex's personal collection:
• Six hats, including the 1990 playoffs hat • Four vintage early '90s tees • One sweatshirt from the '90s • One red Brandon Roy #7 adidas tee. • One black Lillard #0 adidas tee • One white #88 adidas Batum tee • Three team jerseys, Reebok white #7 roy, adidas #0 Lillard, adidas black #8 Webster (Alex's last name is indeed Webster - no relation) • Two black Starter jackets, one glossy nylon with "Blazers" across the chest, the other matte nylon with Blazers' insignia on the chest and "Blazers" across the back • One pair of Stance "NBA Legends Bill Walton" socks. • Two posters, "300th consecutive sellout" and the early '90s "Portland" one. • One Blazers button/pin • One pair of sunglasses

This is only a portion of his collection. He has more...

blazers brandon roy

And a closer look at the gear includes the best socks ever.

bill walton socks blazers


If you ask Alex which is his favorite, he'll say, "Come on. Really? All of them of course... but if I had to say which is the most coveted, then that would be the glossy nylon Starter jacket."


blazers we belive






blazers 8


The rest of us may not have a Brandon Roy jersey or a pink ball cap, but we do wear our heart on our sleeves for the Blazers.


Thanks, Alex.