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IMG_8698 sm Last week you met Kristy, Prasad, and Siddhant. Now we'd like to introduce you to Diamond, Emma, and Joyce.

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Diamond Wheeler grew up in St. Louis, and moved to Oklahoma after college to work as a motion graphics artist. He has always been interested in cartoons. He made flip books as a kid, but moved digital when he got older. In 10 years he hopes to be in a studio working on anything related to VFX. His love for FX is only growing. If Diamond were an animated character, he would be Johnny Bravo minus the blond hair. "That guy's a stud." More than anything, Diamond hates selfies and Bieber. He could live on coffee supplemented with pizza, sushi, and gyros. Fun facts: Diamond got married in August. His wife, Candace, and their Westie, Murdoch, are back in Oklahoma. He loves sports, barbecuing, and brewing beer. For more from Diamond check out his demo reel, his website, and his twitter.


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Emma Van Halsema is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She's here because she loves making very tiny things. Officially, she's here as the Set Fabrication Intern. She loves stop motion animation for it's being handmade. "You're transported to a completely different world! I think the painstaking work it takes to actually make the film really shows. It's very rewarding." In 10 years she hopes to be making so many things with her hands that her fingerprints have worn off. If she were an animated character she would be in Fantastic Mr. Fox because she loves the little houses they live in. More than anything she hates boredom and she could live on sweet potatoes. Fun facts: Emma loves folk music from the 1920s. For more from Emma, visit her website.


Joyce Lee is a Visual Development Intern from LA. She loves Portland and is excited to be here at LAIKA/house expanding her industry knowledge. She loves animation for the way it brings so many talented artists together to create a film. In 10 years she hopes to be working as a visual development artist for feature animation. If Joyce were an animated character she would be Edna Mode from The Incredibles. More than anything she hates being cold and not having a sweater. Fun facts: Joyce could live on french fries and has a pet rabbit named Kiwi. Kiwi is a lionhead rabbit, so it has a mane like a lion.