For this year's WeMake Put A Bird In It fundraiser (part of Design Week PDX) LAIKA artists also made 10 birdhouses to help fund All Hands Raised, a non-profit raising money to keep arts and music education part of Portland schools' curriculum. Take a look at some of the spooky results below or read more about our participation in Design Week PDX.


a little bird told me by Heather Anderson Heather used real buffalo fur and pig skin.


Under the Dome by Tony Travis "This birdhouse represents everybody's first home and the courage it takes to move on into the world."


Frank Lloyd Wrong by Michael Possert Jr. Made of: MDF board, poly-urethane castings, cyanoacrylate glue and acrylic paints on exotic hardwood base Note on fabrication: Main square textile block pattern printed with rapid-prototype plastic from computer file.  Original file then altered in Rhino 4 and also printed.  All were then molded and cast for the final design.


Burnt House by Niles Snyder Made from materials in the LAIKA wood recycling bin.


A.T. - B.T. by George Willis


Final Roosting Place by Katie Mello


Birdlejuice by Cammi Upton "The colors in the movie Beetlejuice are so striking and fun that I thought it would be fun to use as inspiration for my birdhouse. My favorite part was designing the bird to look like Beetlejuice. And now I have to say Beetlejuice one more time since I already said it twice!"


Don’t Feed The Birds by Danny Samuels


Cherry Street Inn by  Maria Andreotti "Bill Murray inspires my whole life and my heart."


Olde CrowsNest by Kyle Bell "What if Jack Sparrow was actually a small bird? Maybe he would have lived in a house like this."