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Drawn by Britt

Drawn by Britt


TREATS comic Every workplace has its quirks. This particular workplace is pretty fascinating. (There are puppets everywhere.) In our new series: Drawn by Britt, I'll be documenting the idiosyncrasies of LAIKA/house in comic-form.

Who am I? I'm Britt, and I'm the new Brand Coordinator. I have a huge sweet tooth, so I'm on a constant lookout for treats. I've realized that the best way to find the treats at LAIKA/house is to listen for footsteps, be everywhere at all times, and never ever leave the building. I left the building once and I missed the birthday 15.

So, stay tuned for more comics as I learn my way around this place, and even more once I know everything. (Give me about 30 years. So many puppets!)