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Arctic Blast

Arctic Blast

by Britt Appleton

emergency alert

It started snowing around 10am last Thursday. It gave us all good cause to freak out. School was canceled. Work was canceled. People traveled by sled or cross country ski. This poor gal became more famous than she ever wanted to be for snow running:


From Yelp:

Genna in Beaverton gave the storm 4 stars. "I really wanted to love this snowstorm. Epic! This storm went above and beyond any forecaster-posted hours, annoying!! Lololololooooooll!! -1 for cabin fever. Finally went out and got some snacks, om nom nom! Oh SO good, need I say more???"

Kal C. said, "A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water."


Photo by Kal C., Yelp user.

Janet M. wrote this little poem: "Oh! Portland shuts down in winter / like a whiny kid with a splinter / and you might as well hole up and know /It's got to go! F the snow! F the snow!"

 Andrea L. gave a comprehensive review: "This is a damn fine snow storm...On the other hand, my freeloading friend has his trailer parked in my driveway, so with a bit of nagging, I got my car cleaned off - twice. On the other hand, without the snow, I could have paid to have my freeloading friend towed out of here already; On the other hand, I've had to cancel plans; On the other hand, my friend went to the store and picked up some stuff for me; On the other hand, she went by the liquor store and couldn't find a spot to park in;  On the other hand, folks in St Johns have really been having fun with it - sledding and building igloos; On the other hand, I really don't have adequate winter gear anymore; On the other hand - enough already!"

Things were a bit more dire for Nick H. "Day 3- supplies are diminishing. I was reduced to consuming a white bean, shallot and chard dish lightly sauteed in a base of Franzia and somewhat sluttish olive oil. There are only brown sprinkles left to augment dessert. Tomorrow I will have to eat desicated potatoes from a box to survive. The lemon pepper is gone. I had to drink one of the cans of Hamms I bought last summer that was earmarked for killing garden slugs. I am akin to a beast."

JD F. might not eat here again. "I liked the first course best of the soft, fluffy swirling snow that had little impact on the ability to travel. The second course was predictable but served with far too much wind to make it enjoyable. We were immediately served yet another serving which we would have preferred to  be served only after we had a chance to digest the first course."

Meanwhile, Jesy B. was NOT impressed: "Nice try, Snowstorm. You are amateur hour compared to IceStorm 2004."

It wasn't all fun and games. Special care had to be taken to make sure The Belmont Goats were warm enough.

belmont goats

If you'd like to see for yourself just how crazy things got around here, you can scope this timelapse video taken by Rob Davis of The Oregonian.

snow timelapse

battery eyes

Photo from The Oregonian


Photo from The Oregonian

There was enough snow for another Stumptown Birkebeiner (Portland's urban ski race (if it snows.))


In other news, Portland's Worst Day of the Year bicycle ride was canceled, as was the Polar Plunge. Until next time...