The Hero:

A high-flyer in Portland’s food scene, John Gorham (Toro Bravo and Tasty 'n' Sons) just opened his trifecta eatery: Tasty 'n' Alder.  This latest restaurant features a similar family-style, pro-sharing atmosphere, but with an entirely reworked menu from its sister restaurant, Tasty 'n' Sons.

Menu Hidden Gems:

The dinner menu has hit the PDX streets and here are our recommendations.

The Steakhouse Sandwich isn't really a sandwich. It's more like ordering an award winning butcher shop on a bun. The tenderly grilled house smoked beef coppa, topped with freshly-battered shoestring onions and engulfed by a local artisan's bread bun, is enough to make you carve your name into a table to claim it as your daily spot.

The Cowboy Beans are a must. Upon first bite, you will wonder why you haven't cooked beans like this all your life. This is the way legumes were meant to be consumed - in heaven cooked with ham hock & bacon fat & topped with cotija cheese. (Tip: Order the house-recipe maple cornbread served in the smallest skillet you've ever seen).

The Brazillian Fish Stew is like biting into an intricate cloud of complex flavors. The fresh, light cod is melt-in-your-mouth smooth and packed with salty, sweet sea flavors.  This dish is easy to shy away from since the name isn't all that appealing, but it is a must order for every visit. Seafood and land-food lovers alike will enjoy this masterpiece.

The Vibe:

Tasty 'n' Alder not only gets the food right, the dining space is equally inviting. Exposed woodwork, carefully selected textiles, thoughtfully paired dinnerware and a staff that isn't just there for a paycheck all with one rule: simple quality everywhere.

While you are in PDX, be sure to catch a bite at Tasty n’ Alder or one of John’s other restaurants:

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