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Cole Haan Introduces ZERØGRAND with Stitchlite™ Wool

Our CG team, led by Kirk Kelley and Mark Gustafson, collaborated with Cole Haan to create this music video announcing the brand’s ZERØGRAND with Stitchlite™ Wool collection. What happens when alpacas and sheep form a band and play “Sam The Sham” Samudio’s 1965 hit Wooly Bully? Absolute delight.

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AdWeek: Cole Haan Goes From Supermodels to Sheep and Alpacas in New Film

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Armadillo Love

Armor del Amor

Armadillo Love

Armor del Amor

an animated pseudo-doc investigating the world of armadillo mating

From world-renowned animation studio HouseSpecial and Director Kirk Kelley comes Armor del Amor – a kind of nature ‘documentary’ that follows the mating rituals of Dasypus novemcinctus to discover the dark underbelly of modern mammalian dating.

The narrative follows a nine-banded female armadillo as she emerges from her burrow and into the lonely Texas landscape. Our researchers captured footage of this modern animal’s efforts to find a potential mate until finally, after a few missed opportunities, a match is made.


News: HouseSpecial Tops Quarterly VFX & Animation Chart With "Armor del Amor" - Shoot Magazine

Upcoming Screenings:

Nov. 9-11, 2018: The Portland Comedy Film Festival - Portland, OR
Oct. 31 – Nov. 5, 2018: 45th Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival - Portland, OR
Oct. 25 – 28, 2018: SPARK Animation Festival - Vancouver, BC
Oct. 18-20, 2018:
Eastern Oregon Film Festival - La Grande, OR
Oct. 12-13, 2018: BendFilm Festival - Bend, Oregon - Screening before the feature In Reality
Austin Comedy Short Film Festival - Austin, TX - Won Best Animated Comedy Film

Concept Art

Creating an armadillo that looked and moved realistically was the main goal and challenge. They are funny little creatures with very distinctive movements that switch rapidly between languorous to twitchy.

Armadillo Variations

Behind-the-scenes Live Shoot

The biggest challenge was finding a location in Oregon that looked enough like Texas to work for the film. We landed in Dufur, Oregon, which is near the eastern Columbia River Gorge. 

Short Stills

Kirk Kelley

Meet Director Kirk Kelley

Kirk’s a big-gun Director, and not just because he’s a Texan. A multi-talented designer, storyteller and restaurateur, Kirk has directed and supervised many of our premier ad campaigns since 1995. He is Supervising Creative Director for our fleet of M&M’S and Boom Beach content and brings his visually and technically innovative talent to collaborations with agencies including Barton F. Graf, TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Media Arts Lab, Amalgamated and BBDO Worldwide. He has solid mastery over all storytelling mediums plus a wry sense of humor and a strong point of view. His sense of composition is fine-tuned and his timing’s right on the money. When he can, after sundown, he likes to sneak out back and work on short films.