Stop Motion + CG

We combined our mastery of stop motion with our expert CG skills on this holiday short created for Yule Log 2015. We built the scuba driver and set practically and then we added CG eyes, fire and visual effects to round out this ode to the Yule. Warm yourself in the glow of animation


Solid narratives go hand-in-hand with memorable character design. Our scuba diver was create on paper first.  


Once the designs are in a good place, fabrication starts. Our scuba diver is a painted foam latex puppet with metal armature, but the eyes are CG animated. 


Created by Dan Savage as a means for design and animation community to contribute their own slice of wackiness to the already visually saturated festivities of the holidays - GS’s team of art directors, designers and animators created something even deeper than an animated loop for Yule log 2016. The goal of the piece was to utilize our team’s amazing array of skill sets and push the concept into a layered world of abstraction and conceptual dynamite. Take a few minutes and let the scenes play out in front of you, but be careful, they are incredibly mesmerizing.