We {heart} Portland. Sure that means that we love our city as much as New Yorkers love theirs, but it also means that our hearts play a central role in guiding our city's consciousness. We are green, we adopt our pets from shelters and we eat local, well-treated plants and animals. Portlanders care.



If you scratch beneath the surface  of our skinny jeans and vintage dresses, you'll find a design community eager to use their talents to help. One org is Megabolt.

"Founded in 2009, Megabolt is a independent organization that specializes in art projects and workshops for kids. We create one of a kind projects that are designed to let kids be kids and enjoy their lives through the power of art."

The idea is simple. Use art to make kids, who are having a hard time, momentarily happy. The creed has attracted design notables like Aaron Draplin, John Vogl of The Bungaloo and OMFGCO to make goods to make funds to make the projects happen.

Megabolt's latest fundraiser "teamed up with 47 artists and designers to create one-of-a-kind skate decks to be part of a silent auction to help fund future workshops."


The event on June 29 attracted artists, skaters and parents. Many walked away outbid and empty handed, but all left with an impression on their hearts.












Here's to next year... and our invitation to play. Hint. Hint.

Photos by Jedidiah Fugle.

Want to know more? Visit Ride On PDX.

Ride On Teaser from Megabolt on Vimeo.

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