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Part 1 of 3

For the last four years, LAIKA/house has hosted young talent from around the globe and invited them to play with our established artists in CG, stop motion and 2D.  Meet the 10 members of this year's Class of Interns and see where the future of animation is headed... to a good place.

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07_InternSet2_SHARON JON

First up: Sharon Huang, Quay Mims and Gang Maria Yi.


TacoAlley2 SHARON

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Sharon Huang is from Taoyuan, Taiwan. She's interning in the Concept/Storyboarding department to improve her design skills and learn from industry professionals, and because if she wasn't working, she would be laying on her couch eating Cheetos in front of the TV all summer. In 10 years she plans to be on vacation with her family in Europe. She hates Shiitake mushrooms, and could live on red curry. Sharon is proud to be Taiwanese Canadian! Check out her blog here, and a great comic she drew about working at LAIKA/house here.


cat QUAY

Quay Mims is from Texas. He is a Lighting/Look Development intern. He always wanted to draw for animated films but Toy Story pushed him into 3D animation. In 10 years he hopes to have achieved world domination. He could live on pizza, and went to school at Brigham Young University in Utah. Check out his blog here.


Gang Maria Yi is from Korea. She's interning as a CG modeler. In ten years she plans to be a big nerd who works at the studio 24/7. Rude people stay away; she can't stand you. She could live forever on an endless bowl of white rice. She would like everyone to know, "You can talk to me. I am not harmful; it's just my eyes." Check out Maria's blog here.

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Photos by Jedidiah Fugle