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Part 2 of 3 - Read the first post and the third post This week, meet Siran, Lindsay and Jose - three of the 10 interns for Summer 2013.


Siran Liu is from Beijing, China. He is interning in Lighting and Look Development. Seeing characters change from a 2D design to 3D render is one of his favorite things. In 10 years he hopes to be working in an animation studio doing lighting or look development. If Siran were an animated character he would be Dori, from Finding Nemo, because of her optimistic attitude. Siran hates prejudice, and could live on Chinese food and watermelon. You can see his demo reel here.






Lindsay Gilmour is from Las Vegas. She was inspired to pursue animation as a career by The Man Who Planted Trees. It was then that she glimpsed the minds behind the drawings she loved. In ten years, Lindsay hopes to be drinking a beer someplace she can comfortably call home. If Lindsay hates anything, it's pumping gas. She could live on vegetarian burritos, and she loves indoor rock climbing.


Jose Diaz is from Panama City, Panamá. He is interning in Motion Design & Compositing. He is passionate about storytelling, and chose animation because it's his favorite to watch. In ten years he hopes to be in a directorial or art direction position. If Jose could be any animated character, he would be Otto from Rocket Power. He hates when he has to work in a file whose layers haven't been named. He could live on Thai food alone, and he loves playing soccer.

Estrif | Senior Thesis from Jose Diaz on Vimeo.

Photos by Jedidiah Fugle