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Part 3 of 3 - Read the first post, and the second post. This week, meet Simon, Michelle, Brian, and Jon - four of the ten interns for Summer 2013.


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Simon Thelning is from Queanbeyan, Australia. He loves animation because it's, as he says, "the perfect fusion of drawing, coming up with stories, watching movies, having serious arguments about imaginary stuff, reading about history, observing the world, talking about art, making sound effects with your mouth..." If Simon was an animated character, he would be some sort of benign object turned into a sidekick, like an enchanted bike or a wise-cracking catheter. He hates when books get reprinted with the movie poster as its cover. He could live on cereal, or Vegemite on toast. He wants everyone to know that he loves to use the phrase, "crème de la crème." But he can't pronounce it. Check out Simon's work here.



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Michelle Kwon is from Seoul, South Korea and then Virginia. She is here to learn and make friends. Dragon Ball Z got her interested in animation. In 10 years she imagines she'll be lying in a hammock near a beach, playing her ukelele. If Michelle were an animated character, she'd be Russell, from UP. She hates negativity (and insects.) She could live on rice, and she wants you to know that she was NOT named after the ice skater. Check out Michelle's blog here.




Brian Aebi is a local, from Salem, Oregon. He is interning in Motion Design/Compositing. He will be happy with wherever he is in 10 years as long as he has a Winnebago. If he were an animated character he would be Hobbes. Brian hates being bound by time, peanut butter, and hashtags that include the word "vibes." He could live on popcorn or strawberries, and he wants everyone to know that he can milk goats. Check out his blog here, and his demo reel and website here.



Jon Upton is from Western New York. in 10 years he hopes to be an art director or production designer. Or an actor or writer. If he were an animated character he would be Edna Mode from The Incredibles. He hates when strangers on the sidewalk touch him. He could live on bubble tea, naan, or peanut butter toast. Check out his blog here.

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