Q&A with Mikaela

Next year, she'll have a degree in animation from Savannah College of Art and Design, but this summer, she's part of our Intern Class of 2016.  

What inspires you?
Oh gosh. A lot of things? Other people really inspire me. Both by looking at what they create and as well as seeing the world around me.

Why did you pick a career in animation?
Like many others, I grew up watching Disney movies and I always loved art. I guess one day it just clicked. "Hey. There have to be people behind the scenes that actually CREATE these animated movies. I wanna be one of those guys!" And the rest was history.

Thoughts about Portland?
It's so nice here! Portland has such a unique personality and everyone is so kind and accepting of one another! Plus I love hiking, camping, etc., so this is a great place for that!

Favorite treat?
Anything chocolate.

When will you know that you’re successful?
First step to success for me is graduating and finding a job where I can animate characters for a living. I will be extremely happy then.

When you where 6, what did you think you’d would be when you grew up?
Most likely I wanted to be a mermaid.

What’s your biggest failure so far?
Not becoming a mermaid.

What is your most prized possession?
I don't have one? I don't know honestly. Growing up and moving around I just never really put great value in physical things. So its cliche, but what I care about most are those around me and making sure that they are happy.