Q&A with Emily

Meet Emily. A maker wizard in training from Clemson, South Carolina, with a degree in Production Design for Film from the University of North Carolina School of Arts. Emily, like most stop-motion artists, has a bit of magic in her. 

What inspires you?
Stories – I draw a lot of inspiration from reading books & watching movies. It's also always stimulating and motivational to see other artists’ work and how they’re creatively challenging themselves.

Why did you pick a career in animation?
Animation, especially stop motion, is such a unique art form, because you can start with a blank canvas and dictate the style completely. You can create things that just don’t exist in reality. You’re literally building dream worlds, and that’s pretty incredible.

Thoughts about Portland?
Portland is gorgeous! I love the colors this time of year. It’s so easy to get around and there’s a lot of great food to choose from.


Favorite treat?

What's your guilty pleasure?
Crossword puzzles.

What’s your biggest failure so far?
Letting fear of failure stop me from trying.

What is your most prized possession?
My books.

When will you know that you're successful?
I try to think of success as something that will come in its own time. It’s hard for me to stay in the present when I’m worrying about the end game. So as long as I’m enjoying the journey and not getting complacent, I think I’ll get to where I need to go.